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There are many articles about how to get started with your marketing plan  in an easy way especially if you are a small businesses why am I writing another one? Because I believe the majority of them is not easy at all. They are written for people with an advanced marketing understanding therefore confusing for beginners. Often they are jam packed with bu*****s marketing buzzwords too further they leave you without knowing what the action could be. It results in great big overwhelm rather than fun and motivation to dive into your marketing.

Running your own business means you’re an expert in what you do!

If you’re a graphic designer you’re an expert in creating images and texts. No one would think you’re an expert for marketing as well. However being smart with your marketing is important for the success of your business and even more if you don’t have a six digit budget to spend. But at the end of the day Marketing is nothing else than shouting out to your people that you’ve got something life changing!

Empower yourself with developing a marketing plan that is made for YOU and the needs of your business rather than a general marketing one-size-fits-all strategy. 

This is the first part of a series I can’t wait to write for you. A series of blog posts looking at „easy- to-use-marketing“ that enables you to make a plan for your business at any time without having a degree in marketing or decades of experience in global companies as a marketing expert.

But how do I know I need a marketing plan at all?

That is a perfect question to dive into easy marketing. Personally I believe the assumption that marketing is all about change. In other words. If you are happy with your performance, if your boss is happy with your performance, if your bank account is happy with your performance, if you are happy with your clients performance,… congratulations, maybe you unknowingly have a good marketing plan therefore are doing a brilliant job. 

As marketing guru Seth Godin says: „Marketing is the act of make change happen. Making is insufficient. You haven’t made an impact until you’ve changed someone.“

In my January Newsletter I was actually talking about change. But I think this story fits here perfectly too:

…“One day a guy with a music school showed up and asked for „help“ with marketing. He struggled with a new website he wanted to create. There was just no way he could make himself deal with it. He’d rather go and play the guitar. I asked him why he wanted a new website. His answer was: Because some people told me it’s old-fashioned. The truth is he is always fully booked, he has hardly any spare time because of gigs and other music projects that make him happy (and pays the bills), people love him, he is well known in the whole region and everyone wants to work with him. Guess what my advice was. Well maybe some people think that was bad marketing but I refused to work with him. He was HAPPY! He didn’t want to change anything. People wanted him to change something. That’s not the kind of motivation we need if you ask me.”

You might need a marketing plan if…

You feel you are not busy enough in a satisfying way

General boredom

You find it difficult to create new products

Ideas are not spreading anymore

Your work is frustrating you

Your boss is frustrated with your work

Your team is not performing the way it could

Your work is not fulfilling you

Clients are not achieving what you’d hoped

People are not buying your products

Nobody is signing in your e-courses

Your community seems like in a sleeping beauty sleep

Clients don’t book into consultation appointments

Screen time is sky rocketing and frustrating

Take your time to reflect your business or projects and analyze where you are and how you feel about it. What is working and what needs improvement?

If you agree with one of the above indicators a marketing plan could be helpful for you however don’t stress yourself! Some people I know rebel against all kind of structure hidden in a plan. So be patient with yourself.

Start step by step in your own pace. And if you need an easy guide how to create your plan this might be helpful.

Talk to you soon

Gila x

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