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Brand storytelling is all around. Not a day we spend online without stumbling upon that magic word. It seems that storytelling is the miracle cure for our business struggles. But what is storytelling all about? Storytelling is your way to stand out. Build around your purpose storytelling should be the center of your business.  A well thought story will pave your way to be able to “create interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you“*.

Very often when I start working with a new client they feel unable to find the „idea“. They struggle with their marketing activities and hope to get some kind of clarity with their marketing. When I started my business I was all over the place and ended up feeling exhausted. I didn’t know where to start unable to decide on my goals. To make a long story short, I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. I know you have just started reading but nevertheless can you guess what the answer was? You are right, my story was missing! Now what about you? After working with clients and developing my own story I could clearly spot two main difficulties that pointed towards a missing storytelling:

1 You feel invisible and not connected with your customers or clients

You put so much effort, time and passion into your ideas and online activities and never seem to get any result. You have invested a lot of time in setting up your brand new website or writing blog posts for example, or you produce podcasts, passionately curate your instagram feed, learn how to edit videos, write an e-courses and give away free downloads and so on… It is an endless list of activities yet you feel unseen online. Your work is not getting any feedback. You feel like you don´t get anything in return. Also your sales stats are not performing the way you had hoped. There is no dialogue with your people and this leaves you feeling frustrated.

If you agree on one or the other feeling described above, then it is most likely that your communication is not getting anywhere it should- namely to your audience. Your audience is a major part in your storytelling and you need to make sure your communication is getting to your audience. In order to be successful with your strategy make them pay attention. Make them  listen to what you are saying and further make them stop, think and change their behaviour. Make them rememeber you.

However there is no doubt you are creating lovely pieces of content for example helpful blog posts or the most imaginative photo creations but without a story in the background it leaves you behind feeling a bit disappointed. The engagement is not like you had hoped.  Your content doesn’t  have the impact and power it deserves.  



lying on a book of beds


2 You feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating content that makes you happy

You don’t have a clear vision of where to go. Your product or service is great but you don’t know how to advertise. What kind of marketing activity is the right one? And whether you are a creative person or not you feel like your head is stuck in a big grey cloud of ideas and you are unable to focus. Nowadays we swim in a big sea of possibilities especially when it comes to online activities. 

All sounds tempting but you feel it is difficult to make a decision. What channels should you use for your business? A very common question is: can I create one piece of content for various channels or different purposes? For example to post the same photo for instagram and facebook. The answer is, you need to have a clear picture of what you want to say, who you are talking to and where you are talking. A well thought story has all the answers and cuts through all the clutter because creating your content after all is just a part of your big story.

table book tea

Although there can be many reasons why you are feeling uncertain about generating ideas for your business I contend that in most of the times it is your missing story and your uncertainty towards your audience. Once you get that out of the way you feel clear, focused and able to connect with your people.

It is a perfect time to start. All the digital possibilities and developing technologies are there for you to use and once you are clear about your story it won’t take you long to decide where you need to be. Another good news is creating your story doesn’t require a big budget. You don’t need a lot of money to start rather a piece of paper and a pen and then get down to the nitty gritty. 

If you are still not convinced that storytelling could help sorting your struggles, this might also be interesting for you. And lastly remember it is your story. It is not carved into stone. If you feel you need to add a chapter or a missing bit, go for or it.



*from Joe Pulizzi: Epic content marketing //
Resources: Think content, Miriam Löffler

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