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Are you the the kind of person who keeps all props used for photo shootings, (mostly for Instagram as in my case)?

If you hoard a box of those *made with love* props on the attic, and are already thinking about what to use next, then I have the perfect project waiting over at Instagram for you to join in.

There are a lot of reasons why it could be reasonable to keep props, your heart might break thinking of the work and passion you’ve invested. They are borrowed, they have a fixed place in your home or they have a short storability.

It is also a very sustainable way to work. Use what you have, re-decorate the arrangement or combine them then you don´t need to spend a lot of money on new stuff and trow it away afterwards. A good examples are flowers, use them for a picture while they are blooming and fresh and then dry them .

Another good reason to keep the props is to send them to your insta pals, a perfect chance to get connected and join the project #MYPROPSWOP

The heart of this project is to boost your creativity and get connected in real life and not just through the app. You need to exchange real props and send them to each other.

There are no rules to join in apart from one: Have fun. Although you don’t have to stick to rules let me shortly explain how it could work.

You would like to use a prop you saw in a post of another gallery? Write to the person that you would love to re-interpret the prop in your own post and ask for it! You can send something in return too if the other person wishes for.

You and your insta pal decided to do the prop swop but haven’t been using much before? Don’t worry, it can be anything. A leave, a feather, a coffee bean, a tea bag, a stone, a dried flower.

Surprise each other with a little something you send along with snail mail. Then have fun to create a photo with the prop and share it using the tag #mypropswop

I can’t wait to see all your prop swops and creative entrys. Remember to use the tag so we can all find each other, share our creations and spread the fun with this tag.

If you like you can also join our facebook group here



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