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Hello there, I guess you’re here ready to tackle 1564 words because have found out a marketing plan wouldn’t be a bad idea? Simply said you want to shout out to the world that you’ve got something life changing to offer. However, you need to be sure you shout into the right direction to be heard and therefore you need a plan. And by the end of the 1564 words you will have everything you need to easily create one.

„Marketing is not a battle, and it’s not a war, or even a contest. Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem. It is a chance to serve“ Seth Godin

Seth Godin also says, being discovered is the last part not the first. True! So let’s start with the first part. I often talk to clients about their wrong assumption that once their business is set up or their shop is open people will walk in just like that. The truth is: Those times are over. Especially in the online world. The internet gives us a lot of opportunities but it is also a huge media playground where let’s face it, everyone is talking about themselves and it is rarely about your business or you!

Marketing today is so different to the past profit oriented short term thinking tactics. You want to understand what is happening in your customers life. You have the understanding of how you can help your customers live a life they are dreaming of. How you can connect and build a relationship of trust. Your focus lies on engagement with your people. Did you know that people need about five to seven contact points before they are ready to buy from you. Yep, I know! You want a plan. But trust me you’ll get there! Let’s begin with step on

Your Situation

A snapshot of where you and your business are today. In the marketing world people often talk about a situation analysis. Write down an overview of your situation today. Describe your product or service that you are offering. Try to be as detailed as possible. Include key figures like pricing, monthly costs, production costs, important dates that might have an impact on your business.

Think of why you want to sell the products or offer a service. What makes you special? What drives you? Why do you get up in the morning and do what you do? What do you love about it? Your purpose builds the basis for all future decisions you might have to make. Knowing your purpose helps you to identify your places to shout: If you already run your business for a while try to incorporate your learnings. What is working, what isn’t? Can you point out why? Jot it all down. The more you know about your situation the better you are prepared.


The second step is all about your audience, your clients or customers: Your dream people! The more you know about your dream people the better. Now If I say, the more you know, let’s not spend too much time on findings like where they live, married or not, how many children, income and so on. I believe today it is far more important to concentrate on:

What they believe in.

Their values

The question that YOU have an answer for

What kind of problem do they have that you can help them with? 

How you can serve

Their struggles

The favourite tools they like to use online and for communication


Try to gather together all information and insights you have about your dream people. Use what you already have from sales, emails, feedbacks or other contacts. If you feel you have too little information to use why not make your own little survey? Ask your people through an online survey or in social media. If you are a shop owner talk to your customer in real life. Try to find an answer to following questions: Who are your people? This is the part where you may well include some demographic data (that means where they live, age, gender, and so on) but as I mentioned earlier try to not overthink this. It might be that you end up having more than one group of people. That is absolutely fine.

Your goals

Write down a list of your goals and add a method to measure them! You can divide them into qualitativ and quantitive if you feel confident and like a real pro. Qualitativ goals are the ones like: Increase engagement, make your people happy or increase your relevance and visibility.  Quantitativ is all about the money and mostly measurable in figures. Example: I want to increase my sales in the first three months this year by x percent.

No matter what goals you write down your list make sure they are as measurable as possible. Realistic for you (if you are unsure go back to your situation overview and check if your goals first your situation). Finally add a timing to your goals. This is an important point because it is not sufficient enough to just have them there for „one day“. That would be a dream and not a goal. A timeline is inevitable if we want to achieve our goals.

Develop your message

Where are your people and how do you want to communicate with them, what is your message? While creating your message think back about your audience. Remember who they are, where they are and what their problem is that you can help them with. A few guidelines that help you to write down your message are: Try not to communicate more than three keypoints. That’s usually enough to start with.

Keep it simple. The simple things are the ones that people remember. Try to be as clearl and precise with your working as possible. It helps people to understand what you want. Be emotional and authentic. Tell stories. People easily remember a good story. You might also add statistics and figures you science rocket!



Well done, you are almost there. Finally you have worked yourself through all the above stages and now we are getting to the final point that completes your plan. We know where we are with our product or service, we know what it’s/our purpose is, we know to whom we are offering our product or service, how we are going to tell it, and now the last question is:

WHERE are you going to publish?

To answer this question think back to where your audience likes to hang around when they are looking for the service you can give them. (In Marketingland this is also often called outreach strategy.) Your content will most likely be on your website or in your shop but where else can you publish it?  What resources do they use? (If you are unsure at this point, work on your audience again.)

Where are the places or platforms other than your website where they would typically search for you? Is it a video you would like to publish, then probably Youtube would be an option. Or if you want to publish a professional report then maybe LinkedIn or SlideShare works best for it. Or maybe you prefer Instagram and gathered a Fanclub there? Where are the places or platforms other than your website where they would typically search for you? Is it a video you would like to publish, then probably Youtube would be an option. Or if you want to publish a professional report then maybe LinkedIn or SlideShare works best for it. Or maybe you prefer Instagram and gathered a Fanclub there? 

Think of more than just one place to promote your offer.  If you publish a blog post on your website for example make sure to promote it in other places. Make sure to spread your message to the widest audience possible. Creating messages and content that are found, seen, heard, engaging and loved by your people is not witchcraft or magic nor do you have to be a marketing rocket! It can be done no matter how big your budget is or how big your business might be. It is all about sending YOUR message and connect with your people! 

But this takes a lot of trial and error even for people who have been in this business for decades. Keep going and try! The more you try, the better you will understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Those are very useful insights that you can implement in your future plans. If you are unsure whether a plan is the right thing for you or not then you might get your answer here.

Talk to you soon

Gila x

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