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About Me

Hello there,

I'm Gila from the north of Germany where I live with my husband, two children and Buds the dog. I am a digital marketing coach and content creator. I believe marketing should be comfortable, relaxed and without giving you a headache. This is my creative journal where I write some easy to use marketing bite sized pieces. I might also talk a little bit about instagram as I hang around there occasionally. Talk to you soon Gila x



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  • Hello, how are you?
I’m back- Probably a bit more daily moments coming up in the future. Feels good to make slight changes, like hanging up new pictures or re-arranging them. 
August is a perfect month for new plans. Actually it’s my favourite month, it’s my daughters and my birthday. (Nearly the same dates, that was so close)!
Anyone else a Leo’s 🦁?
  • „Often when your world gets turned upside down it’s in order to shake out people and things which were never fully right for you- and to get you to view yourself and life from another perspective.“
I was thinking about this quote while shaking breadcrumbs out of a bag today and isn’t it just so true? 
It was inspiration for this weeks #communitywhp_upsidedown 💚
I’m also back in my blog again and wrote a few words about a new way to think about Instagram. It was there for a while I was never sure if to publish or not but it matches the post quite well. Bio for the link x
  • Floating into Friday looking all so relaxed while trying not to sink ✔️ Hope you have a brilliant weekend with fun things to do and sunshine all day long ☀️
  • How are you all? A minute ago my thoughts were like a. we need temperatures just above 10C° / 
b. feels like ages! 
So its only a heat up spring soup tonight I’m afraid 😊
Who else creates posts in thoughts (or journals) and never seem to get round doing them? Time flies. I managed to ramp up my training a bit (girls relay for our first olympic distance triathlon is due soon- I’ll keep you updated -if you like it or not), decided on a new camera (bring it on its time), worked quite a lot and enjoyed a little scroll here and there to see what you’ve been up to. So give me all the news? What’s happening at your end?
  • We are sleeping too long (a slight reminder that our daily routine has nothing to do with our inner biological clock ), eating to much, working too little, screen time alert is on (not for me though!) in other words: Ester holidays!
First time in years we didn’t go away but we are saving up holiDAYS for a longer summer break and the kids enjoy it at home. My daughter HATES travelling can you believe that?! Too bad she’s stuck with parents wanting to travel 365 days p.a.
But for now we stay where we are and next week it’s Chris’ turn with the kids and I’ll catch up with work *makes a happy dance and does not feel guilty at all*
  • Struggling with the caption tbh. I wanted to say something like „don’t forget to play“. But who am I telling you what to do so here I sit with no clue 🤷🏼‍♀️ then I thought of a few posts I saw this week asking „why are you here“ or „was that it, instagram“? And it made me think of the people I met here, the conversations that came up, incredibly wise people saying lots of important stuff and not forgetting the fun bits. Playing with perspective or the camera, colours and shape. Not sure if I would have started playing with my camera without this crazy app. So who is up for a little playtime, let’s play good old times ☺️ #whpplayful
  • What to write after disappearing for 17 days (not even with a good excuse I think I’m just such a bad multitasker)? I guess hello would be a good start. So hello. Good to be back. Hope you are all well.
  • Come on spring make my heart sing (and please warm my fingers while taking pictures outside). Side note: during the take of this photo a wind blew my tripod over and smashed my camera 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Fake-spring made me repost! 
I just couldn’t wait popping up your feed and wave hello. 
I had a few crazy admin days and I don’t know about you but I hate them.
Despite the fact the sun is really helpful in terms of vitamin D and give permission to have 2-4 ice cream per day it is almost impossible to take a picture here. It’s so bright. And the shades even…
Nevertheless I wrote a post about creating a marketing plan in just a few really easy steps and attached a free template too if you like (link is in my bio) - though looking at my last week I should write a post like: Why bother about a plan if I don’t stick to it anyway…anyone? 💁🏼‍♀️☀️🍦💻

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