Hello there, nice to meet you!

I am Gila a marketing- and creative business coach always trying to live the best creative life. My roots are British and German  and this mixture might be the reason for a constant twinkle in my eye and lots of positivity whilst working. After years of experience in Marketing & Brand Management at a global brand and becoming a mother I felt it was time to focus on doing what I really love and what I am passionate about. TBH I didn’t enjoy the marketing world as it was when I was working there. I could’t see determination, passion, creativity…

Living my own story and the best creative life is much harder than my former marketing job but definitely not as hard as giving up on coffee and pastry.

When I started my marketing experience I would have never thought that creating my dream business would take time and a considerable experience of being deep down in the ditch with projects that didn’t work, failed or jobs that turned out not to be what I wanted and dreamed of. I´ve lived through all the feelings of uncertainty, self doubts, financial dependence, rejection and invested a lot of time into creating my dream business with a story that is 100 percent me. But it was all worth it. And you can do it too.

So now I am here for you and together we can simplify marketing and make it a language easy to understand and apply to your business. Together we can create a message that makes your people stop, listen, think and react. No matter how small or big your business is we work out a plan that is just right for you in order to grow, be authentic and happy with what you do!



I would like to help and inspire you to unfold your creativity and define your goals and dreams. Your message is the center of gravity. 


Nowadays it is truly important to use our resources in a reasonable way. This includes our marketing activities as well as our shopping or travels.

Working with small brands and start ups has tought me how to focus on minimalism and using what is there. Not all brands have a big marketing budget and I like using what is there. And in addition it protects our environment if we include sustainability to our way of life. In privat and business.


Many practices, especially in online marketing, are designed to grow rapidly earn fast money and give you quick wins. Further they speak a language that hardly anyone apart from marketing departments can understand. (One of my specialities is to decode the often complicated marketing language.) This you will not find when working with me. Luring customers and giving false promises is, in my opinion, not the way to build up a successful long term and authentic story for you and your business. We want to build up a long term and passionate relationship with our dream people in a simple and understandable way.

I will be happy to hear from you here: gila@leointhegarden.com

You are a brand and are interested in sponsoring content? Then meet me here or feel free to drop me a line  gila@leointhegarden.com.

If you have read up to here and would just like to chat I would love to welcome you over at Instagram or twitter.

Although my site and content here is english all my work is available in german as well.


  • „Often when your world gets turned upside down it’s in order to shake out people and things which were never fully right for you- and to get you to view yourself and life from another perspective.“
I was thinking about this quote while shaking breadcrumbs out of a bag today and isn’t it just so true? 
It was inspiration for this weeks #communitywhp_upsidedown 💚
I’m also back in my blog again and wrote a few words about a new way to think about Instagram. It was there for a while I was never sure if to publish or not but it matches the post quite well. Bio for the link x
  • Is the concept of this picture coming through? It almost killed me 😅🙆‍♀️ It’s the easiest things that are so tricky. Originally I wanted to say something completely different but I’ll save this for later. I have to recover now and note to myself *never set a countdown who needs accountability anyway* 👋🏼😂
  • Floating into Friday looking all so relaxed while trying not to sink ✔️ Hope you have a brilliant weekend with fun things to do and sunshine all day long ☀️
  • How are you all? A minute ago my thoughts were like a. we need temperatures just above 10C° / 
b. feels like ages! 
So its only a heat up spring soup tonight I’m afraid 😊
Who else creates posts in thoughts (or journals) and never seem to get round doing them? Time flies. I managed to ramp up my training a bit (girls relay for our first olympic distance triathlon is due soon- I’ll keep you updated -if you like it or not), decided on a new camera (bring it on its time), worked quite a lot and enjoyed a little scroll here and there to see what you’ve been up to. So give me all the news? What’s happening at your end?
  • Dear word of the year (yes, “change“ you), YOU ARE FIRED! 
Please go spoil somebody else’s spring. (No use looking at me like that) ⛔️ What was I thinking anyway by choosing a word valid for a whole year? 
It totally stressed me out. Reflecting on Q1 and beginning of Q2 I felt panic creeping up waving at me shouting: „You failed and it’s not even May. Hahahaa“.
The reality and what I was capable of doing wasn’t in balance with my expectations and hopes. And that inevitably leads to pressure which leads to frustration... we all know don’t we. 
So I gave myself permission to split up with my word. (Anyone wants to join in?)
Just in time to see the beauty of spring.  So here’s to the end of unrealistic expectations and hurray to blossoming rape fields.
Hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend lovely lot!