Running a small business or market yourself constantly makes one feel you have to fire off great big marketing work ALL THE TIME. It is an endless list of things and I don’t know about you but often they make me want to hide under my duvet. There never seems to be enough time for all things that have to be done and the marketing part is mostly the one we tend to put right down the list after all other „real“ jobs (like doing the washing) are done. 

Mount Marketing seems such a big thing to climb, it leaves us feeling overwhelmed at times. The answer is: splitting this big thing Marketing into little bite-size pieces. More specifically let’s just do one leg after the other in your own pace. You won’t even notice you’re climbing up a mountain. Each leg is fun and easy to do and will take you right to the top.

Here are some bite size activities that help you to stay on top with your day to day marketing they may seem basic and you probably have done them a few times before. A lot of marketing activities have to be done regularly. Like a routine check up. Choose one activity per day and try to not spend more than 30 minutes on each task for a start. 

Share your blogpost on social media (or show your product on social media)

Talk about your new blogpost on the social media channels that you enjoy using. Share them on Instagram. You can post a photo on your grid and talk about your post in your caption. Add the link to your bio. Talk about your blogpost in stories or use the swipe up if you have it. Tweet about your blogpost on twitter. Tweet again, nobody saw the first tweet.  Share wherever you think is a good space for it. Don’t forget to pin your cover/ title to your blogpost board (or the one you prefer) on Pinterest.

Share quality content 

But remember more is not better. Just share what you really think is high  quality and entertaining or educational for your people. I would  suggest time limit for this task of 10 minutes. We all now what happens if we get lost in stories or tweets….

Self marketing- Love yourself!

What has self love got to do with my daily marketing I hear you ask. The answer is easy. How do you want to tell people you are doing a great job if you don’t believe it yourself. Truth is that believing in yourself is often lifelong project with ups and downs. But therefore it is even more essential to continuously practice self love.  Treat yourself to a daily amount of self esteem booster and I promise it will bear fruits. Think of how you wish to feel and write a list of things that are holding you back.

Try to carve some time for the things that make you feel good even in busy times. A 10 minute meditation or a morning run. I know we are busy ALL THE TIME but there’s always space for self love exercise. Journal and jot down 10 things you love about yourself, 10 skills you have developed during the years, what is your superpower? No limits just write it down and keep it for the dark days when your self esteem needs a little boost.

Create your elevator pitch

Always be prepared that you might meet THE person you always wanted to work with. The so called elevator pitch means you only have a very short time to describe an idea, your service or product. Usually 20-60 seconds. It is like a mini pitch. Try to work out the core points of your work or project and think why you are the one to work with.

You only have time for a few sentences. So whenever you have a 5-10 minutes gap in between meetings, school runs or commutes think of a few good reasons why it should be you!

Bio check up

Now this check up should not take you longer than 15 minutes. But like the elevator pitch we only have a few seconds to grab peoples attention. They visit your bio because they are interested in you. Give them a reason to follow you and build up a connection. Tell them how you can help them but don’t forget to give them a little information about yourself. 

This isn’t work you do and then you’re done, regularly check if all information in your bio are up to date.

Signatur check up

Use your signature not just for your name but also as a little additional marketing plattform.Are all your social media connections listed? Tell them in just a few words what to expect. Do you have a subline or quote you use that people subconsciously connect with you? Why not using it in your bio as well? Do you have an eye catching logo that you can include? Promote your latest work or blog post with a link in your bio. Use this space as your additional information platform. 

Create consistent header 

Take look at all the material online and off-line that shows your  logo, quote, headlines and sublines, colours, fonts or other messages. Do they all match together? Are they consistent? Is there a golden thread that runs trough?

Think of your core message and what you want to stand for or look like. Then start creating a matching look for your brand for each channel. You can additionally create a journal or style guide and document the look of your brand. 

Feel free to create a list of the little things that can be dine ink less than 30 minutes. You can then update and pick out an activity that needs a fresh up at any time.

Talk to you soon, Gila

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  • „Often when your world gets turned upside down it’s in order to shake out people and things which were never fully right for you- and to get you to view yourself and life from another perspective.“
I was thinking about this quote while shaking breadcrumbs out of a bag today and isn’t it just so true? 
It was inspiration for this weeks #communitywhp_upsidedown 💚
I’m also back in my blog again and wrote a few words about a new way to think about Instagram. It was there for a while I was never sure if to publish or not but it matches the post quite well. Bio for the link x
  • Is the concept of this picture coming through? It almost killed me 😅🙆‍♀️ It’s the easiest things that are so tricky. Originally I wanted to say something completely different but I’ll save this for later. I have to recover now and note to myself *never set a countdown who needs accountability anyway* 👋🏼😂
  • Floating into Friday looking all so relaxed while trying not to sink ✔️ Hope you have a brilliant weekend with fun things to do and sunshine all day long ☀️
  • How are you all? A minute ago my thoughts were like a. we need temperatures just above 10C° / 
b. feels like ages! 
So its only a heat up spring soup tonight I’m afraid 😊
Who else creates posts in thoughts (or journals) and never seem to get round doing them? Time flies. I managed to ramp up my training a bit (girls relay for our first olympic distance triathlon is due soon- I’ll keep you updated -if you like it or not), decided on a new camera (bring it on its time), worked quite a lot and enjoyed a little scroll here and there to see what you’ve been up to. So give me all the news? What’s happening at your end?
  • Dear word of the year (yes, “change“ you), YOU ARE FIRED! 
Please go spoil somebody else’s spring. (No use looking at me like that) ⛔️ What was I thinking anyway by choosing a word valid for a whole year? 
It totally stressed me out. Reflecting on Q1 and beginning of Q2 I felt panic creeping up waving at me shouting: „You failed and it’s not even May. Hahahaa“.
The reality and what I was capable of doing wasn’t in balance with my expectations and hopes. And that inevitably leads to pressure which leads to frustration... we all know don’t we. 
So I gave myself permission to split up with my word. (Anyone wants to join in?)
Just in time to see the beauty of spring.  So here’s to the end of unrealistic expectations and hurray to blossoming rape fields.
Hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend lovely lot!