• You have no freaking clue how to tackle this big “marketing topic” for yourself.
  • You are always busy with something else.
  • You know you are great with what you are doing yet there are times doubts come over you.
  • You ask yourself if the effort, passion and work you are giving into this it is worth it.
  • You feel unseen, lost and unable to decide what Social Media plattform would work for you to connect with your people.
  • The marketing language feels overwhelming.
  • Keeping up with the creation of content is hard and exhausting.
  • You feel like every new customer you have gained is hard work and you are not able to connect your people. 
  • You’re often left behind feeling overwhelmed or limited in your human, time and financial resources that you end up not being able to decide on anything at all.
  • You have a clear vision of where you want your business to be but you just don’t know how to get there. 
  • You are dreaming of a clear direction for your brand activities such as content, channels or website but you are afraid to fritter yourself or get lost.
  • You feel you have an information overload. Everyone has an answer but you don’t know exactly what will work for you yet. It feel all just SO COMPLICATED!

Phew thats quite a lot isn’t it!

I can understand it holds you back from concentrating on your business. Good news, you are not alone with your struggles. All of us who are in a love-hate relationship with the online world are going through this. Now it is time to set aside your worries and make space for getting all the creativity bubbling again.

As a small brand, a start-up or a creative fulfilling the dream of an own business you don’t have the financial background or know how to fire off a diversified marketing campaign. This whole marketing language is often confusing, seems complicated and not “for businesses like mine”.

You dream of a business that has an anchored place in the heart of your people and engaging with them gives you all the joy? Then it is time to create your marketing plan.

But how can I get to my plan? I hear you ask. Don´t worry, that’s where I can come in if you like.


We will work out YOUR marketing plan based on a story that will pave your way and enable you to easily create your content, get your message out to your people build a relationship and grow your business in a sustainable way.


  • A four week 1:1 coaching program that focusses on creating your marketing plan and storytelling. A plan that tackles your biggest struggles
  • Clarity within your business strategy
  • Someone by your side that makes you swim the extra lap or run the extra mile
  • 2 x 60 minutes Skype  session over the 4 weeks
  • Tasks, exercises and homework that will help you to get specific about your marketing plan
  • Unlimited e-mail support during the coaching

Your investment  520 EUR


If you have any further questions or want to find out more about your coaching journey I will be happy to hear from you


  • „Often when your world gets turned upside down it’s in order to shake out people and things which were never fully right for you- and to get you to view yourself and life from another perspective.“
I was thinking about this quote while shaking breadcrumbs out of a bag today and isn’t it just so true? 
It was inspiration for this weeks #communitywhp_upsidedown 💚
I’m also back in my blog again and wrote a few words about a new way to think about Instagram. It was there for a while I was never sure if to publish or not but it matches the post quite well. Bio for the link x
  • Is the concept of this picture coming through? It almost killed me 😅🙆‍♀️ It’s the easiest things that are so tricky. Originally I wanted to say something completely different but I’ll save this for later. I have to recover now and note to myself *never set a countdown who needs accountability anyway* 👋🏼😂
  • Floating into Friday looking all so relaxed while trying not to sink ✔️ Hope you have a brilliant weekend with fun things to do and sunshine all day long ☀️
  • How are you all? A minute ago my thoughts were like a. we need temperatures just above 10C° / 
b. feels like ages! 
So its only a heat up spring soup tonight I’m afraid 😊
Who else creates posts in thoughts (or journals) and never seem to get round doing them? Time flies. I managed to ramp up my training a bit (girls relay for our first olympic distance triathlon is due soon- I’ll keep you updated -if you like it or not), decided on a new camera (bring it on its time), worked quite a lot and enjoyed a little scroll here and there to see what you’ve been up to. So give me all the news? What’s happening at your end?
  • Dear word of the year (yes, “change“ you), YOU ARE FIRED! 
Please go spoil somebody else’s spring. (No use looking at me like that) ⛔️ What was I thinking anyway by choosing a word valid for a whole year? 
It totally stressed me out. Reflecting on Q1 and beginning of Q2 I felt panic creeping up waving at me shouting: „You failed and it’s not even May. Hahahaa“.
The reality and what I was capable of doing wasn’t in balance with my expectations and hopes. And that inevitably leads to pressure which leads to frustration... we all know don’t we. 
So I gave myself permission to split up with my word. (Anyone wants to join in?)
Just in time to see the beauty of spring.  So here’s to the end of unrealistic expectations and hurray to blossoming rape fields.
Hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend lovely lot!