“It is frustrating the way the platform has changed” / “Where are the good old times?” / “Instagram is not bringing me the joy anymore” / ” I am going to log off for a month” / “I can’t be bothered to post” / “I need to push my creativity”/ “My engagement is nearly gone”….

Who has read at least one of the above lines recently while scrolling through Instagram? Yes, me too. But before we dive a bit deeper into it let me tell you that this isn’t an instagram-complain post. It has in fact a happy end.

For quite a few months now it seemed we were in a wait- and- see attitude that I tried to ignore. Holding back feels better because if we speak out loud then it is becoming real, right?! And we don’t want our playground to change. We want the good old times! Forever! But things suddenly felt so different.

Things don’t change but we do


Because those times are good times. We don’t want good times to end. Good times are like a visitor who turns up for a while. We don’t want good times to leave because it feels so good. But what if good times is really clever and the reason for moving on is that it allows us to develop ourselves further giving us the space to do it?

Wouldn’t it be better to invest time and energy into activities that push our development rather than taking never ending trips down memory lane sticking to a concept that doesn’t work for ourself anymore?

Thinking of Instagram it is most likely that I will not have the energy to hold on to the “good old times” and at the same time try to find a new way of living my creative life or engage with my follower in a way I’d like to. And in return I don’t expect other people to stay the same.

The platform regardless of the technical amendments is still the platform. It is you who decides on posting frequency, collabs, responses, comments, likes or who you follow or mute. If our life changes in a way that doesn’t allow us to spend hours on editing or shooting or we simply don’t feel that we are happy to share this part of our life then I’d call this personal development rather than ”The platform has changed”. If Instagram was your chance to make a living from it then the dilemma is even bigger. But maybe it is at the same time the chance to dive into new projects outside the gram!

Try to think of everything that happened in your life while you are present on the platform. New jobs? New brand? Self employment? More work? Move? Maybe a different country? Marriage? Divorce? Babies? A big loss? Illness? Mental health issues? Your children are growing (maybe they also don’t want to be your prop anymore?)…

Have you ever heard of Gartners Hype cycle? It perfectly describes a curve of excitement for new technologies. It basically says that every new technology goes through five phases starting with a trigger followed by a rise of the curve and big excitement. What follows is an inevitable valley of disillusionment that finally settles on a more realistic level with all the insights and learnings we’ve been though during the process. Personally I believe there’s a lot of truth in this.

Thinking of my own posting fatigue it is clearly not because I don’t like doing it anymore. I just don’t have the time I used to have because my job changed. My children who also played a huge part in my photography are growing therefore never around when I need them for a photo. And finally I like change. It is part of a creative journey.

The Instagram fatigue is at the same time a chance to learn, grow and develop. To look at things in a new perspective. To re-think your concept. Maybe also a detox. To decide if this is still a happy place or maybe time to quit. At the end it’s just a platform.

Now what does that mean for your online community? Truth is, I don’t know. But it feels better to embrace change instead of permanently asking for old times. If my Instagram friend is posting a series of ad’s then I know she’s making a little happy dance because she can afford something she always wanted. Join in the happy dance rather than complaining about the commercialization as a start.

Try something new

  • Try new things with your photography. Inside vs outside as an example.
  • Learn new ways to edit or even dive into photoshop.
  • You would like to quit photoshop and night edits? Fine go ahead.
  • Enjoy the freedom of not having to post daily or even weekly.
  • Design your feed in a way that it inspires you. It should give you a positive feeling scrolling though. If you are not happy with that you see change it.
  • Don’t be afraid to unfollow.
  • Follow new accounts. Make it diverse.
  • Think of stories you want to tell.
  • Share a specific knowledge or something you can do really well. Don’t be afraid to do so!
  • Think of new ways to use Instagram as your marketing tool. What can it do for you and your business?
  • Listen or read if you don’t have something to say yourself.
  • Trust your creativity. It will be back soon.

But most importantly. Feel good about it! And if not then give yourself permission to quit.

Talk to you soon, Gila

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  • Is the concept of this picture coming through? It almost killed me 😅🙆‍♀️ It’s the easiest things that are so tricky. Originally I wanted to say something completely different but I’ll save this for later. I have to recover now and note to myself *never set a countdown who needs accountability anyway* 👋🏼😂
  • Floating into Friday looking all so relaxed while trying not to sink ✔️ Hope you have a brilliant weekend with fun things to do and sunshine all day long ☀️
  • How are you all? A minute ago my thoughts were like a. we need temperatures just above 10C° / 
b. feels like ages! 
So its only a heat up spring soup tonight I’m afraid 😊
Who else creates posts in thoughts (or journals) and never seem to get round doing them? Time flies. I managed to ramp up my training a bit (girls relay for our first olympic distance triathlon is due soon- I’ll keep you updated -if you like it or not), decided on a new camera (bring it on its time), worked quite a lot and enjoyed a little scroll here and there to see what you’ve been up to. So give me all the news? What’s happening at your end?
  • Dear word of the year (yes, “change“ you), YOU ARE FIRED! 
Please go spoil somebody else’s spring. (No use looking at me like that) ⛔️ What was I thinking anyway by choosing a word valid for a whole year? 
It totally stressed me out. Reflecting on Q1 and beginning of Q2 I felt panic creeping up waving at me shouting: „You failed and it’s not even May. Hahahaa“.
The reality and what I was capable of doing wasn’t in balance with my expectations and hopes. And that inevitably leads to pressure which leads to frustration... we all know don’t we. 
So I gave myself permission to split up with my word. (Anyone wants to join in?)
Just in time to see the beauty of spring.  So here’s to the end of unrealistic expectations and hurray to blossoming rape fields.
Hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend lovely lot!
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