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Hands up who is investing more time in scrolling through Instagram than promoting blogposts? My random check on my website analytics last night was frustrating interesting. No traffic Not a lot of traffic on my blog for quite a while. You could clearly see the gaps between talking about my blogpost and remaining silent. 

If you don’t talk about your blogpost, it is most likely that nobody is going to read it.

The truth is, nobody will wake up in the morning and come up with the idea to read my blogpost. And that is okay, with all the work, children, our busy life, good books and Instagram it is hard to follow up on everything. Unless someone tells me to do so. 

A blog or website (whichever you prefer) is similar to a good fire you light up. To keep it alive you always need to put another log on the fire or it will go out. In other words, if we don’t nourish and flourish our blog and make sure to talk about it nobody will pay attention. Sounds depressing, I know. We invest a lot of time and effort into writing good stuff that we care about for people we care about, it deserves to be seen. Now I understand that we don’t want to be salesy when plugging out our work. It can feel awkward at times but if you don’t tell people what amazing work you are publishing nobody will read it. And if your people don’t read what you write their questions will not be answered. A loss on both sides.

I understand  it is not all about the numbers but at some point we have to keep an eye on them and admittedly it can be fun. They can answer a lot of questions.

What happened after I stopped staring at the numbers is that I gave my blog and myself a promise to invest more time in self promotion. Starting with few but effective methods that I am happy to share with you:

Work on your SEO

Optimizing your SEO should always be top of your list, yet we find it very difficult and the less fun thing to do. I will not go into detail about your SEO optimization here as it would take too long and also there are others who can explain it much better- like her: Lucy Lucraft! Doing it with Lucy means having fun with SEO from now on!

Connect with other blogs 

Try to connect with other People and their blogs that you like to read in your community . It is always of great value to have a group of like-minded people that support each other. You have read an article from someone and really liked it? Drop them a line and let them know you liked it. Leave comments or share posts if you enjoyed reading them.  If you name or quote someone in your post  let the person know. It is always nice to know and maybe you can share each others work at some point. Build up relationships and support each other if possible.

Promote your blogpost in your eMail signature

Promoting your blogpost in your email signature is a nice and unobtrusive way of letting the receiver know that you have published something new. Just think how many emails you write each day? Speaking for myself it is absolutely worth using this as a small but nice blogpost promoter.

Share your blogpost on social media

Talk about your new blogpost on the social media channels that you enjoy using. Share them on Instagram. You can post a photo on your grid and talk about your post in your caption. Add the link to your bio. Talk about your blogpost in stories or use the swipe up if you have it (If only I had it…). Tweet about your blogpost on twitter. Tweet again, nobody saw the first tweet.  Share wherever you think is a good space for it. Don´t forget to pin your cover/ title to your blogpost board (or the one you prefer) on Pinterest.

Talk about your blogpost in Facebook groups

Why not share your new blogpost or a link in your facebook groups? I am a member in a few closed facebook groups and I love them. They are kind, supportive and an offer high amount of know how. A bunch of like-minded people who trust each other and share what they are doing. I couldn’t think of a better place to announce my work. And you can be sure to receive high quality feedback that can be very useful. 

Send a newsletter about your new blogpost

Send out a newsletter to spread the news. Don´t be afraid to spam other peoples inbox if you pop in to say hello at a manageable frequency. People have opted in by choice and will be delighted to get some news and follow ups from you.

Set a Google alert for blog related articles

Who has ever used google alerts for monitoring new content publications in your niche? Can we please talk about this in the comments. I would love to know if you think this is helpful for you. Quite a few people I know love using this tool. You sign up with your email address and get a notification whenever new content gets indexed that you signed up for or requested. You can then jump over to the article and leave a comment or join a discussion being one of the first. By doing this you make yourself visible to others and get the chance to talk about your publications. You can query peoples names, other writers, bloggers, your genre, mentions, related articles, new articles, guest articles, the list and options are endless.

These are only a few things that can be done easily, I know there are many others but if you like to share your favourite promotion tool for your blogpost let us know in the comments or drop me a line here. 

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