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Hello there,

I'm Gila from the north of Germany where I live with my husband, two children and Buds the dog. I'm working as a marketing coach and believe marketing should be easy to use, relaxed and fun without giving you a headache. This is my creative journal where I write some bits about my work and my favorite playground instagram. Talk to you soon Gila x



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  • Fake-spring made me repost! 
I just couldn’t wait popping up your feed and wave hello. 
I had a few crazy admin days and I don’t know about you but I hate them.
Despite the fact the sun is really helpful in terms of vitamin D and give permission to have 2-4 ice cream per day it is almost impossible to take a picture here. It’s so bright. And the shades even…
Nevertheless I wrote a post about creating a marketing plan in just a few really easy steps and attached a free template too if you like (link is in my bio) - though looking at my last week I should write a post like: Why bother about a plan if I don’t stick to it anyway…anyone? 💁🏼‍♀️☀️🍦💻
  • Even writing just one sentence seems impossible tonight I think this is the fifth attempt to get something out 🎈 I just thought it’s a perfect day to post red flying umbrellas isn’t it?!
  • I think the (love)-message is clear don’t you? #whp❤️
  • Is your cup half empty or half full on the 38th day of 2019?
Are you sticking to your plan? I see a lot of creative to do lists floating around and hear the buzzing, pleasant background noise from busy people 👏☺️ Or do you have no plan at all? Are you the type of person who feels it’s easier to just do what seems important today and then moves on to the next thing yet you feel organized? 
Well that was me for ages!
But this year I started off with probably the best plan I ever had for myself. 
And even after 38 days and a lot of changes and delays I wouldn’t want to miss it. 
You might be brilliant making plans for clients or friends but when it comes to ourselves we often don’t get the signs. That’s why I wrote an easy to digest little guide showing you some of the most common signs that you need a marketing plan. The link is in my bio if you like and its only the 38th day 💪
  • Does it snow at your end of the world?
A perfect white coverage for wet, grey mud and bare trees is all I am dreaming of but … nope. Nothing. Not a single snow flake as far as I can see.
So instead of taking pictures in winter wonderland I am writing blog posts and preparing my February newsletter for you. Not to bad isn’t it?! Have to keep up with all the impressive to do lists that are floating around here recently. Haven’t decided if I‘m impressed or scared tbh and wonder if we can agree on three points a day per list 😅🤪😉🙈🤷🏼‍♀️